Saturday, February 12, 2011


Another new game released early this year. This year seems to be a good year for gaming.
I like the looks of this game, seems like the story that could actually happen.
I am getting sick of FPS games though so even though it looks good, i'm not sure if it'll be at the top of my too buy list.

Friday, February 11, 2011

L.A. Noire

Stumbled upon this game while browsing the web. Looks like a great game. I'm a massive fan of Red Dead Redemption and the Grand Theft Auto series so I look forward to this game.
Looks decent, I'm excited.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Prototype 2

So anyone who played the game Prototype might enjoy the news that a sequel is set for 2012. Seemed like the kind of game that would be impossible to make a sequel of but hey there trying.
I will probably pick this game up when its released as I did enjoy the original quite a bit.
Thoughts on this?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Since i'm constantly swamped with school work, I only manage about an hour a day of free internet time to do what I want. Basically in this time I intend to put up a post of any funny images,youtube videos or anything of that sort up during the weekend and comment on as many blogs as possible withing the hour. On the weekends where i'm less swamped with schoolwork i'll put up game reviews. So to start things off i'll leave you with this video. As an Elder Scrolls fan the announcement of Skyrim has got me somewhat excited and I found this clever/funny video.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Been really busy with school and all that nonsense so I haven't been able to post a game review, sorry about that. Will probably make game reviews a once or twice a week thing with other posts inbetween.. But anyway i'll try get a Bioshock game review up sometime either tomorrow or the day after. Only just began playing Bioshock and i'm probably a bit late to join its fan club but it's a fantastic game.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Double Exp

The Black Ops double exp weekend has begun so if you still have your black ops disk, why not hop on and earn some easy exp? Bit of a lazy post today, another game review tomorrow.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit focuses on the battle between Racers and Cops within the area of Seacrest County. Choose between Racer and Cop events to rank up in the respective path. Reaching the max rank of 20 in Racer gives you the rank of Most Wanted and takes 2,000,000 Bounty. The Cop pathway takes the same amount of bounty to reach rank 20 and you are given the rank of Ultimate Enforcer.
There are 60 Racer events in the Racer pathway and when I got gold in them all I had managed to hit Rank 20 and achieved Most Wanted, but that all depends on if you have to restart missions or how many attempts a mission takes for you to attain gold in each event.
Racer events :
Race: Just a straight forward race to the finish line, no weapons or cops just get to the line first.
Duel: Just two racers with no cops or weapons.
Time Trial: Pick a car and get to the finish line as fast as possible. No other racers, just a time to beat.
Preview: Exact same as Time Trial except no choice of car, you are allocated one.
Hot Pursuit: Basically a Race but with cops trying to shut down the race. You have weapons and so do the cops and other racers. Get to the line first and don't get busted.
Gauntlet: A time trial except cops are involved, beat the clock while out running the cops.
Weapons: EMP, Spike Strips, Jammer and Turbo.

There are 48 Cop events to get distinctions on. By the time I had all distinctions in Cop events I was only a Rank 15 enforcer, but depending on how many times you redo events you may achieve a higher rank.
Cop Events:
Hot Pursuit: One cop and a group of racers, shut down the race with the use of weapons before the racers reach the finish line.
Interceptor: One racer and one cop, Racer has no set race track and can go wherever. You have weapons at your disposal and a time limit to bust the racer in.
Rapid Response: The cops equivalent of a time trial event, respond to the call within the time limit. Collisions are a +2 Second penalty and traffic collisions are a +3 Second penalty.
Preview: Similar to Rapid Response except with a car from a higher tier.
Weapons: Spike Strip, EMP, Helicopter and Roadblocks.
Super Sports Pack
The Super Sports Pack available for 560 Microsoft Points adds 8 new racer events and 5 new cop events. Along with another 195 GS of achievements and adding the fastest car in the game.

Need For Speed also has a multiplayer game mode which is good, but when I played I would tend to have connection problems, so I can't give a detailed guide on the Multiplayer.
 I have gotten all the achievements for this game 1195 GS in total and I thoroughly enjoyed the game the whole time. I do enjoy the occasional racing game, but I don't usually play them too much. There just seems to be something different about Hot Pursuit that just hooked me to its gameplay almost instantly . I'd give it an 8/10 easy and any fan of racing games or anyone looking for a different genre of game or just a different game in general may want to look at Need For Speed Hot Pursuit.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Funny Pics

Thought I may as well post these, 5 fave pics in my /b/ folder. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit review tomorrow.

Being Australian, I had to add this one.

Okay I had to add that last one in..