Thursday, February 3, 2011

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit focuses on the battle between Racers and Cops within the area of Seacrest County. Choose between Racer and Cop events to rank up in the respective path. Reaching the max rank of 20 in Racer gives you the rank of Most Wanted and takes 2,000,000 Bounty. The Cop pathway takes the same amount of bounty to reach rank 20 and you are given the rank of Ultimate Enforcer.
There are 60 Racer events in the Racer pathway and when I got gold in them all I had managed to hit Rank 20 and achieved Most Wanted, but that all depends on if you have to restart missions or how many attempts a mission takes for you to attain gold in each event.
Racer events :
Race: Just a straight forward race to the finish line, no weapons or cops just get to the line first.
Duel: Just two racers with no cops or weapons.
Time Trial: Pick a car and get to the finish line as fast as possible. No other racers, just a time to beat.
Preview: Exact same as Time Trial except no choice of car, you are allocated one.
Hot Pursuit: Basically a Race but with cops trying to shut down the race. You have weapons and so do the cops and other racers. Get to the line first and don't get busted.
Gauntlet: A time trial except cops are involved, beat the clock while out running the cops.
Weapons: EMP, Spike Strips, Jammer and Turbo.

There are 48 Cop events to get distinctions on. By the time I had all distinctions in Cop events I was only a Rank 15 enforcer, but depending on how many times you redo events you may achieve a higher rank.
Cop Events:
Hot Pursuit: One cop and a group of racers, shut down the race with the use of weapons before the racers reach the finish line.
Interceptor: One racer and one cop, Racer has no set race track and can go wherever. You have weapons at your disposal and a time limit to bust the racer in.
Rapid Response: The cops equivalent of a time trial event, respond to the call within the time limit. Collisions are a +2 Second penalty and traffic collisions are a +3 Second penalty.
Preview: Similar to Rapid Response except with a car from a higher tier.
Weapons: Spike Strip, EMP, Helicopter and Roadblocks.
Super Sports Pack
The Super Sports Pack available for 560 Microsoft Points adds 8 new racer events and 5 new cop events. Along with another 195 GS of achievements and adding the fastest car in the game.

Need For Speed also has a multiplayer game mode which is good, but when I played I would tend to have connection problems, so I can't give a detailed guide on the Multiplayer.
 I have gotten all the achievements for this game 1195 GS in total and I thoroughly enjoyed the game the whole time. I do enjoy the occasional racing game, but I don't usually play them too much. There just seems to be something different about Hot Pursuit that just hooked me to its gameplay almost instantly . I'd give it an 8/10 easy and any fan of racing games or anyone looking for a different genre of game or just a different game in general may want to look at Need For Speed Hot Pursuit.



  1. I never knew racing games got quite so indepth, interesting

  2. I always loved the need for speed franchise, and this is no exception

    looking forward to more posts

  3. ive already played so many nfs versions. glad to see a blogpost about that!

  4. i love NFS games!

  5. I always spend longer moddin my car than i do racing the damn thing. gr8 games tho

  6. it is one of my best game, i bought new video card to play this game.

  7. I played this a few weeks ago. I'd definitely buy it.

  8. love the need for speed games

  9. NFS underground and underground 2 are still my favorits

  10. Need for speed!!!!! So much nostalgia

  11. Need for speed carbon was my favorite racing game of all time.

    following and supporting

  12. I used to be really into NFS. I guess it's time to get the old Xbox out haha.

  13. NFS on the PC like 10 years ago was THE BEST

  14. Shift was meh, underground was meh, hot pursuit = brilliant

  15. In racing games I'll try to hit the other cars, I wasnt any good :(

  16. this game was pretty fun for it's time, I miss playing these old school games :(

  17. dude i remember when they had hot pursuit for ps1. that was fun as hell.

  18. I never got into hot pursuit as much as I got into some of the other NFSs. Carbon was awesome!

  19. I play this from time to time and I love it :)