Sunday, January 30, 2011

Assassins Creed : Brotherhood

Thought I should update the blog, been very inactive lately and I apologise for this. The next game I am going to review is Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, one of my favourite 2010 releases. Being a massive fan of the entire Assassin's Creed series, I of course pre-ordered the Codex Edition and had it on the release. Continuing with the story of Desmond Miles, an Assassin from the future who has to access the memories of his ancestors in order to find the pieces of Eden and ultimately save the world from the Templars. A bit of a mindfuck if you don't pay attention, but if you have managed to play through all of the previous Assassin's Creed titles, i'm sure you would understand. As in Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood takes place in the time of Ezio Auditore. However unlike in AC2, Brotherhood is set in ancient Rome. To avoid spoilers, I wont reveal the whole storyline but more just the interesting bits about it.
You now have a Brotherhood of Assassins who are there to help you as you take Rome from the control of Cesare Borgia.
As in AC2, Leonardo Da Vinci helps you along your journey except this time you have to be more discreet about meeting with him as he now works for the Borgia.
During the Stroyline you have the option to burn down Borgia towers, which releases that area from Borgia control, allowing Ezio to purchase and renovate shops or landmarks which earns you some more Florins.
With plenty of new weapons, armour and equipment designed to help Ezio in his struggle to take back Rome.
Graphics in ACB are just as beautiful as they were in AC2 and I am highly impressed with them.

Now with the new addition of the Assassins Creed series, comes the new addition of a Multiplayer. With 8 Multiplayer Maps with more free DLCs on the way, endless combinations of abilities with 5 custom profile sets available and a selection of 17 playable characters (I think). With 5 game modes so far, and i'm sure plenty more to come in future DLCs, the multiplayer is a fresh new idea which is very enjoyable. 50 Multiplayer levels and unlocking new abilities and characters the whole way to level 50, you will never run out of combinations of characters or profile abilities.
As I said earlier Assassin's Creed Brotherhood was one of, if not my favourite release of 2010 and would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Was extremely tired while writing this post, so sorry if it lacks quality etc, it's probably fairly shitty, but i'm too tired to care.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cyrsis 2 Demo

Since the release of the Multiplayer demo, i've put a good 2 or 3 hours into Crysis 2. From this time i've been able to decide that I will be buying this game. Graphics are amazing and the general gameplay is fantastic. There are only 2 game modes in the demo, Team instant action is a basic Team Deathmatch with a 50 Kill limit and Crash Site which is a capture and secure game mode. With the one map that is available in the demo (Skyline) I will assume that all the maps will be as terrific as this one. There is only a handful of guns available in the full game which is disappointing but i'm sure that wont affect the game too bad, as there are only 50 muliplayer levels. You can't really compare this game to CoD or Halo, even though there are similarities they are all entirely different in there own ways. Would definitely recommend downloading this demo (1.8 GB i'm pretty sure) if you have an Xbox 360, if not it might be worth looking into buying.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cyrsis 2 Multiplayer Demo

As I was doing my usual chatting up multiple bitches at once on Facebook, my friend sent me an IM with the link to this video.
The Crysis 2 multiplayer demo launches for Xbox 360 (Umad PS3 + PC?) on the 25th of January. I'm not entirely sure whether the PS3 or PC players get the multiplayer demo at all, but the game releases in March 2011, so it's not a big loss i'm sure. I'm definitely downloading the demo and if I enjoy it will buy the game.
Sorry i've be inactive for awhile, there are times where I just can't be on the computer. So I apologize if I am inactive for a number of days.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Been running dry on TV shows and movies to watch. I'm keeping up with the new How I Met Your Mother episodes, as well as community.. but I need another kind of TV show. Not too picky on the genre, as long as its a good show and worth watching. Suggestions please?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Strike Map Pack

A few months after its release Call of Duty: Black Ops is already set for it's first map pack. Released on the 1st of February for Xbox 360 gamers and a month later for PS3, PC and Wii. With a price tag of 1200 Microsoft points (Not sure about other consoles, I'll assume it's the same as MW2 maps packs) comes with 4 Brand new Multiplayer maps and a new zombie map. "Kowloon" From the campaign takes place on rooftops in Kowloon city. Rain and nighttime make for lower visibility and is the only map to feature a zipline. "Berlin Wall" Is a larger map with combat allowed on both sides of the wall no mans land divides the middle of the two main sides, with automatic turrets controlling no mans land. "Discovery"  Is a frozen German outpost in the arctic, another snow map. "Stadium" A close quarter run and gun favoured map. Finally the new zombie map "Ascension" takes place in a Soviet Launch Facility, with no footage or images of it as of yet. Personally I like the sound of all these maps and will definitely be buying them on the release.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My favourite show at the moment

Since it's been a couple of days since my last blog, I though I might as well update you guys with a blog on my favourite tv show at the moment. Community is basically about a lawyer whose education is deemed void by the bar and is forced to attend a Community College. Im not going to go into every little detail about the show, but in my opinion definitely worth buying the DVDs of season one, unless your a pirate.. in which case its still definitely worth looking into it. Currently into its second season with episode 12 airing on the 20th of January. The comedy in this show is hard to describe, but whatever it is, it's the funniest thing i've seen in awhile.
This video is one of the best fan made videos i've seen for anything.. Espescially because it is for my favourite episode. So thats about it, just thought i'd make a post since its been a couple of days. Just recently hit 50 followers so thanks everyone for following.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Young Hero

I don't know whether or not most people reading this would know but at the moment areas of South East Queensland (Australia) have been under serious flooding. Now obviously it is a tragedy with people losing their lives, homes and families in the floods. Out of all the tragic news, I stumbled on this story of a young 13 year old boy Jordan Rice. Jordan and his family were caught in the middle of all the flooding and when rescuers eventually showed up they could only save Jordan or his 10 year old brother. Jordan told the rescuers to save his brother, a decision which ultimately cost him his life. Now he's not going to receive some fantastic memorial or a statue made in his honour, but what he did was truly heroic and I felt as though I should share this story with anyone I can.

If you wish to read the news report, follow this link.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What is this..

So as I was browsing the interwebz I come across the new Pokemon White and Black, released in September 2010 in Japan and set for release in March 2011 everywhere else. After finding out there would be a new Pokemon game released, I remembered back to the days playing Pokemon Red and Yellow on my Gameboy Color and the original 151 Pokemon. So I immediately browsed the pictures of the new Pokemon from the new generation. Personally I can't stand these new Pokemon and am not sure that these are even worthy of the series.
This for example is an Ice cream, a Pokemon in the shape of an Ice cream. They are evidently struggling for ideas now and should have stopped at Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, but that is just my opinion. While going through the list of Pokemon I started seeing multiple resemblances to already existing Pokemon.
My awesome MS Paint job, feel free to make fun of it. I know there are some differences but the are the same basic similar Pokemon. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on this, drop a comment with your opinion.

Call of Duty : Black Ops

I'd like to start by saying this is basically just my opinion on the game i'm no expert at reviewing games, so im just going to tell everyone what I personally think of the game.

Call Of Duty : Black Ops
Since this is my first review, I picked a nice end easy game to review. I'm sure there are thousands of other reviews on this game, but none of them are my opinion. 

Single Player:
When I first put the game into my Xbox, the first thing I did was played single player. My first thoughts were the graphics are amazing, all the sounds ,character detail, everything was fantastic. At the start I was a bit at a loss as to what was going on, with Mason being interrogated by who is later revealed to be Hudson. Then suddenly skipping into the mission to Cuba with Woods and Bowman, but later it all revealed itself and became an easy to follow and fantastic storyline. Certainly my favourite Call of Duty storyline so far, with World at War being my second.

Zombie mode was something I was in no real rush to play and as of yet have not played it all to much. I don't like the Black Ops zombie maps all that much, however since I preordered the hardened edition I did get the classic WaW maps, which are a lot of fun. All in all zombies is great fun but manages to get boring and repetitive quite fast.

Last but not least multiplayer, what a vast majority of the people that preordered and purchased Black Ops for. The maps are fantastic and Treyarch did a great job balancing the game. That being said there are some weapons that are a tad overpowered *Cough* 74-U *Cough* but that does not take away the beauty of the multiplayer experience. I myself have reached 3rd prestige level 36 and enjoy it quite a lot. The new currency system is great starting off with every perk unlocked, but I believe this is adding to Black Ops getting boring quickly. Unlocking every perk as soon as you prestige means you can use the same perks all the time, without having to switch it up. Theater mode is a great new addition, allowing plays to upload their clips to the internet without an overpriced pvr or capture card. I am yet to use theater mode and I doubt I ever will but it does seem very useful. Call of Duty is famous for its popular multiplayers and Black Ops is definitely up there as one of the best I have played.

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is yet to buy it or is unsure.


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