Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hello and welcome to PectoralFinnn Reviews
As this is my first post, I though i'd introduce myself and tell you what you will see from my blog. First off, my name is Scott and I am Australian. "PectoralFinnn" Is my Xbox live gamer tag and is pretty much my online identity. Basically I created my blog so I can share my opinion on current issues since everyone seems to have their own opinion, I wanted to share mine with others. I will also be reviewing any video games, television shows, movies and stuff like that. So be sure to follow me if you would like to see my future blogs, in turn I will more than likely follow you back.
Thanks for reading,


  1. ill be sure to follow.
    but how did you get 50 followers in 3 days?!
    check me out if youre interested.

  2. I'll follow you and see where this goes, sure. The first post is always the most awkward.

  3. Cool blog man! I'm happy to join!